Anchoring Contractors Cochin, Kerala

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Build Care Waterproofing is one of the best Anchoring Contractors Cochin. We protects your home and building and provides highly qualified and experienced technicians for anchoring services.

What is Anchoring?

Anchoring service is an inevitable factor in constructing a building. Anchoring is the lamp post of the building. The Build Care Waterproofing designs & install anchoring systems of rock bolts, rock anchors, tiebacks, tie downs, earth anchors, soil nails, concrete anchors & post-tension tendons in buildings. Steel is one of the most durable building materials available, the sturdiness and strength of  steel structure is only as solid as the foundation.

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Anchoring is long lasting, reliable, economical tension supports used in a wide variety of situations to stabilize secure  building structures. It is made of high strength steel bars or strands, they can be bonded to rock, concrete and many types of soil. Anchors are used to resist external overturning uplift and seismic forces and are used actively or passively in buildings.anchor bolt

Soil and rock nails are fully grouted, passive (non-tension) anchors are used to resist uplift forces and failure forces on slopes or excavations. The nails take advantage of residual stresses in soil or rock (broken or solid) for load transfer. Passive anchors are normally used where prestressing is either not possible or desirable. Rock and concrete anchors are prestressed tendons which can be bars or multiple strands. A portion of the length bonded to rock or concrete by cement grout, resin or fixed by a mechanical anchor. The upper portion is left ungrouted for prestressing however, it is grouted later to lock in tension and protect from corrosion.

Anchoring  Contractors Cochin

Our company, Build care is a leading Anchoring Contractors Cochin and expert epoxy system specialists in Kerala. We have highly efficient and dedicated technicians for anchoring.


Anchoring Contractors Cochin

A strong foundation is created to match the terrain and environment. The foundation provides stability and prevents shaking of buildings to protect from damages. A professional survey of the land where the building have to be constructed is the starting point of designing a proper foundation.

The size of the building determines whether a full concrete slab is required or if concrete piers will be suffice. A full slab is needed for larger, more complex structures while smaller buildings such as sheds can be anchored just using concrete piers.


Waterproofing is a method in which anchoring contractor has been installed outside. While fitting a light on the walls or TV antenna in a building using a mechanical fastener will cause leakage in the building. Anchoring contractors are used to prevent all types of external fastenings and leakages in the buildings .