Epoxy Floor Coatings Merits


Epoxy floor coating helps your floor to look more glossy and attractive. It is suitable for all climatic conditions. Epoxy Floor coating has high durability and it is very cost-effective. Build care waterproofing solutions Cochin is the best option for floor coating.

Build Care has highly efficient and dedicated technicians to conduct waterproofing solutions for your building. In addition, we deliver quality services and excellent results by the usage of the latest technologies and successful waterproofing methods for our Customers. Above all Build care waterproofing solutions provides guaranteed water-resisting services by usage of high-quality waterproofing materials and products to achieve better results for our customers.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Workspace

Why do people use the epoxy floor coating, while the concrete floor is doing its job in a good way? Concrete floors are an excellent option for commercial and residential building applications. But the main problem with the concrete floor is its bad appearance. The surface is rough and irregular and consist of large and small porous. These problems are does not affect areas where customers or people are interacting. But in places like people will interact it is really bad to see. The porous concrete is filled with water while raining and in a dry climate, concrete is broken down into several pieces. Consequently you have to choose some other options to make this concrete area visibly good for looking and beautiful. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to put an epoxy floor coating on it. However why should you use epoxy floor coating over concrete as follows.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Price
  • Environmentally friendly


In the matter of durability, we all know that concrete doing a greater job. Still, it has its own weakness. Epoxy makes this weakness a strong point by coating over concrete. It makes the floor practically invisible by the way you like. Firstly, this coating seals the concrete area and acts as a beautiful flooring. In addition it is very easy to clean the surface. Even chemicals won’t harm the floor. Above all heavy tools do not destroy the structure of the epoxy. Build care waterproofing solutions provide highly durable products to customers at a reasonable price.


Epoxy is available in various colours. The surface looks smooth like glass and giving a polished beautiful look for the area. If you want you can create any kind of design on your floor. You can create a large aquatic world on your floor or thick forest, etc. this depends on your hard work and creativity.

Easy maintenance of Coated Floors

It is very easy to clean the surface. Simply sweeping is enough to clear the floor. Immediate cleaning after applying epoxy is effective for a good experience. Depending on the quality of the epoxy the looks and shades are different.

Slip resistant Basements

We feel that epoxy is very slippery. but it is not really like that. Most of the epoxy comes with an anti-slippery agent that prevents slippery on the floor.


Above all other advantages, the price of the epoxy is great. It is surprisingly inexpensive. The price varies with the type of adhesive you used with it. And the pattern of colours will also affect the price.

Environmentally friendly

Epoxy is perfectly suitable for our environment. It is purely environmentally friendly. In the initial stage, epoxy has little smell that may be not comfortable for everyone. But once it is used, the hard surface has not produced by smell. Before starting our waterproofing treatments build care waterproofing solutions specialist engineers will check out be building and thoroughly inspect the water leakage causes. So our technical team can identify the cause of the leak and decide the method and material to solve the problem completely.

Waterproofing Method And System

Basement Waterproofing Method and System

Basement Waterproofing Methods involves the techniques and processes that restrict the water from penetrating into the basement of the building. Basement Waterproofing Methods To waterproof, a basement below the ground level needs a sealant material, drain, pump, etc. Because the basement surface generally tends to wet always. Water in the soil exerts pressure on the underneath basement floor and walls. This pressure causes cracks and water to enter inside through these cracks. This results in structural damages and the development of decay and other moisture-related problems. Companies are now focusing on innovative systems to cater to the growing demand for basement waterproofing. and different type of Basement Waterproofing Methods.

 water proofing method

Different types of waterproofing

Interior Sealants

In poured concrete foundation, crack and pipe penetration gaps are the major entry point of water content. Such openings can be sealed from the interior of the building. Using epoxies, it is a strong adhesive used to seal the cracks. Interior sealants are good to control the high atmospheric humidity content in the basements. And these are designs to control the basement humidity at a low level.

Interior sealants

Interior water drainage

A drainage system will help you to prevent the water in the basement. It moves the water from the basement foundation to down the floor. A common system for avoiding penetration is to create a channel around the basement floor. And install a PVC pipe system to make the flow easier.

Interior water drainage

Exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is done to prevent the building from any exterior damages. It helps the building to prevent exterior structural damages. Polymer-based products last for a long time. And it does not affect the soil PH problems. Polymer-based waterproofing products can be sprayed directly into the wall. It is fast curing and semi-flexible too.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

If condensation is the main source of wet, then interior basement waterproofing is enough. It is also effective if minor dampness occurs. You can effectively save your basement by installing a backwater valve.

Interior Basement

Foundation crack injection

It is used when a poured concrete is cracked from a settlement or the expansion and contraction of the concrete. Sealants like epoxy are used for structural purposes, while hydrophobic and polyurethane injections are used mainly to prevent water or moisture by seal the crack.

Foundation crack injection

Terrace Waterproofing for Garden making

terrace waterproofing for garden making

Why do terrace waterproofing?

Terrace waterproofing for garden making should be done if you are planning to make a garden on the roof. It is really important because, when you are gardening on the terrace, the roots penetrate into the terrace. This will cause damage to your house structure. Hence, if you mean to create your own garden on your rooftop, then terrace waterproofing is very important. There exist many technics to waterproof your terrace.

A terrace garden can be a refreshing idea for you in urban life. Waterproofing can be easily done using waterproofing polymer coating on the terrace slab. This prevents the roots from penetrating into the terrace. Once this is done people can plant a small number of plants on the terrace. Then you can enjoy years of beautiful blooms.

The process of waterproofing the terrace is done as follows:

terrace waterproofing for garden
  • Form a waterproofing barrier
  • Choose a flexible barrier so that the movements are possible
  • Form a physical barrier for the roots of the plants
  • A UV resistant barrier, which helps exposure from the sunlight

Is sealing terrace with tile a good option?

Many do tiling on the terrace for waterproofing. But in reality, tiling has never been a solution for waterproofing. Waterproofing cannot be done on a finished surface. Sometimes people do waterproof coating over the tile. This is the wrong method. When tiles break this coating also breaks.

Even if you are not planning to make a garden on the roof, it is a worthwhile investment to waterproof the terrace. This will help to extend the life of the structure of the build. In gardening, a terrace is an element where a raised flat paved or graveled section overlooks a prospect. A raised terrace keeps a house dry and provides a transition between the hard materials of the architecture and softer ones of the garden.

Importance Of Waterproofing For Your Building Construction

Construction and Waterproofing

Construction and Waterproofing

Waterproofing is a formation of and impervious barrier which is designed to prevent water entering or escaping from various section of building structure. It is very important to Waterproof in your home or building from all possible damages. The modern era is well aware of importance of super seal Waterproofing in construction. However every year a large number of households and commercial premises report damage and problem that may be associate with incapable Waterproofing of buildings. For any construction it is important to have the right Waterproofing solutions to protect the building. If the Waterproofing is done poorly, it can lead to damage of property and valuable, and to risk for human health. Construction there are three structures; building, infrastructure and industrial.

Water & Waterproofing

important waterproofing

Water is a creator and also a destroyer of the building. This implies the importance of waterproofing for your house. And it seeking more attention in recent times. It is clear now that water absorbed by the building is not stopped in time; then it severely damages the building. The life of a concrete structure exists in its stability and that is affected through the absorption of water.

The construction is mainly in the hands of civil engineers and architectures. The main problem is that the construction is conducted not to avoid moisture penetration in the building. Every people always forget to make sure that their house is free of any leakage, dampness or seepage. The concept of protecting buildings from waterproofing is raised to protect the building that acts as negative to construction materials like moisture. Within days these problems cause damage to the building severely. Repair the damage caused by water for a building is really expensive. The main aim of building waterproofing is to prevent as much as water from entering the building. And providing proper outlets and drainage to go out the water that gets entered.

Methods for Waterproofing & Proper Caring

In a building that it is not properly waterproofed, trapped moisture has the potential to become a breeding ground for fungi, molds and other bacteria. The best and adequate methods for waterproofing and caring as follows;

  • During designing and detailing the building
  • Assure maximum care during construction
  • During observing all precautions of post-construction
  • Maintaining the building as per standard engineering practices.
  • Using good quality materials is important for durability.
  • It is proven that mild problems caused due to dampness or weakness may be solved very soon by using high-quality materials and with the help of a skilled worker.

Since waterproofing is a treatment process to the surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure. Designs including the rain screen principle and pressure equalization offer the best assurance against water penetration. In some other methods can include membranes inside the wall. Such barrier insulation keeps out the water.

Good Waterproofing For Your Home

Usually, extensive waterproofing action is performed during the construction for some kind of structures. Waterproofing can also be fixed after building if the problem arose. It is critical due to a number of reasons. Today there are specialized contractors who possess special skills, knowledge and technology for building waterproofing structures thereby providing restoration and maintenance for years.

Importance of Terrace Waterproofing

Why Terrace Waterproofing is Important?

Terrace Waterproofing is important because, terrace or roof is an important segment in a building. And it is exposed to the direct environmental conditions and climatic variations such as direct sunrise, rainfall,etc. So, effort should be taken at the time of design to ensure that a proper protection system is implemented. The economic solution is not always favorable for the protection of the building. So, ignoring the economic burden you should make sure the protection of your property by implementing Terrace Waterproofing.

roof waterproofing

Need of Terrace Waterproofing?

A building or a structure needs Terrace Waterproofing because concrete itself is not water-resistant. Majority of the flat roof today is constructed with reinforced concrete or cement. It has pores or capillary tracts to allows the inflow of water. These method and material avoid all the problems except the problem of water penetration. So, you should find some other effective methods like Terrace Waterproofing, in order to resist the water penetration.

Conventional Method of Terrace Waterproofing

The commonly adopted solution for Terrace Waterproofing is done with an ordinary concrete terrace slab without using any mixtures. It lacks the work-ability that required to place with the reinforced concrete. So, this method has many limitations.

conventional method for water proofing
Traditional Method for Terrace Waterproofing

Sometimes an integral compound is used with the concrete to avoid the penetration of the water. But mostly they’re not used sufficiently and completely. Lime terracing is the method used for two purposes. One is to avoid the heat on the terrace surface and the other is for waterproofing.

Problems of the conventional methods

After some year’s cracks are formed in the lime terracing. So, water penetrates into these cracks to the slab below it. Due to the shrinking process of mortar the lots of cracks formed in the parapet. Rainwater sweeps into the wall through these cracks and finally to the bricks.

Due to the improper compaction of the concrete, the slab is full of void and honeycomb. So once the water reaches the slab, water eases in and it causes damage to the entire structure.

App Bitumen Membrane Sheet

 App Bitumen Membrane

APP Bitumen Membrane waterproofing methods are designed to protect commercial and residential buildings, bituminous roofing is suitable for all kinds of buildings. Bitumen is a mixture made up of organic liquids having highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof properties, this is the specialty of Bitumen.  These properties are suitable for roofing material. So Bitumen can be used to construct roofing sheets of higher quality. APP Bitumen Membrane sheets are rich in bitumen. They have high water-resistant and heat resistant properties. And also it has an excellent expansion property and it shows high stability in varying temperatures. APP Bitumen Membrane sheets are convenient for all types of buildings.

App Bitumen Membrane Sheet for Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing can done by using APP Bitumen sheets that have high anti-aging property and it has anti-alkaline property too. It is resistant to high temperatures and water. It has high tensile strength so it shows high elongation capacity, which adapts to the contraction or crack of the base. APP Bitumen membrane sheets are dry, strong, smooth, brittle, tensile and it has a beautiful clean base too. Terrace Waterproofing using App Bitumen can survive in any atmospheric conditions since it has higher resistance towards water and heat, which is the main advantage of APP Bitumen sheets.

App Bitumen membrane for waterproofing of terrace.

If you are interested in this novel ideas of Terrace Waterproofing go and visit Build Care Waterproofing Solutions.


Importance of Waterproofing Bathrooms

Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the bathroom to be the most waterproofed and you should know about the importance of waterproofing Bathrooms. There are parcels of difficulties in unraveling the waterproofing issues associated with the Bathrooms, the wet region zone in our home.

Why is Bathroom Waterproofing so Important?

importance of waterproofing bathroom
waterproofing bathroom

Bathrooms are the space that is continually exposed to water. Particularly the wet territory zone of your restrooms. Dampness and water fume develop making it sodden unendingly. Not exclusively are the surfaces wet, yet the water fume present will in general harm every single uncovered article including cupboards and different adornments.

This is the essential explanation that a restroom requires satisfactory waterproofing and furthermore adequate ventilation to keep the air as dry as could reasonably be expected. Waterproofing of the best quality is totally basic in the restroom, where all surfaces – dividers, floor, and roof are dealt with by specialists.

Actually, Bathroom waterproofing must likewise be an essential worry at the underlying stages and ought to be managed during development.

When the pipes, tiling, and dividers, deck, and roof are fixed and waterproofed with the best quality materials, for example, the scope of waterproofing items from Build Care Waterproofing, we guarantee that fixes and upkeep costs are significantly decreased. This basically additionally saves money on the problem of fixing spilling funnels and drainage.

It might likewise intrigue you to realize that spilling pipes or any type of spillage are considered to empty away positive vitality out of you and your home. This speaks to pessimism around money related and otherworldly prosperity.

We have gone through the importance of waterproofing bathrooms and now we are going to discuss some of it’s medical advantages which are additionally huge.

Advantages of  Waterproofing Bathrooms 

  • Waterproofing makes the bathroom dry a few minutes after usage. This makes the house neat and comforts the user.
  • Prevents the formation of molds in the bathroom area and thus protects users from serious health risks.
  • A waterproofed bathroom prevents the survival of carpenter ants and termites that may destroy other areas of the home.
  • It can also cause health risks and some other major damages such as shower leaking through the wall.

Getting know about the importance of waterproofing bathrooms may help you to avoid risks if it is not waterproofed. The various risks that are involved include:

  • Leaking shower: If waterproofing is not done, the situation may result in a leaking shower.
  • Concrete cancer: If waterproofing is not done, the water might rust the steel that reinforces the slab. It can also make the timber boards rot. Any house will not last for long and will start cracking if proper waterproofing is not done.

Before waterproofing the bathroom, it should be cleaned and it needs to be free from dirt and dust. Secondly, the primer should be applied to the bathroom walls and floor. Thirdly, any existing gap should be filled using silicone. Fourthly, the waterproofing membrane should be placed on the wall and floor areas that need bathroom waterproofing. Finally, the tiles should be applied.

The leakage in a bathroom always comes from the grout around the tiles. The problem can be solved by removing the grout and using a waterproofing product such as epoxy grout. In case of too much damage to the tiles, the re-tile service needs to be carried out in order to prevent the water from seeping to the walls or other areas of the floor.

Health-Related Issues

Sodden moist zones are a reproducing ground for germs and other ailment causing microorganisms prompting numerous afflictions, for example, hypersensitivities and respiratory sicknesses, for example, upper respiratory tract contamination, bronchitis, unfavourably susceptible rhinitis, and asthma. At that point why permit such an undesirable situation to flourish in our homes? An undesirable situation settles on everybody’s well being prompting diminished profitability and practical proficiency.

Consider the drawn-out advantages of utilizing the best materials, for example, the, Build care waterproofing master group tends to these issues explicitly and doesn’t permit any sort of spillage or drainage to happen. The aptitude specialized group of Build Care waterproofing can make your washroom totally release free seals each of the four basic regions in a restroom, for example, the floor bed, shower sprinkle zone, sterile fittings, and Nahani trap and waste funnels.

Recollecting the transitory and corrective arrangements will just conceal the issue for a brief length and won’t be of any assistance. Spillage will stay a deep-rooted issue except if you fix it with a waterproofing item that will give you a drawn-out arrangement, so focus on that and make a sound home.