Build care is one of the best waterproofing solution contractors in Cochin. Choosing a Build care expert will eliminate all the water leakage problems in your roof, terrace, basement, etc. The Build care also provides floor coating services such as polyurethane floor coating, epoxy coating, and heat insulation coating.

Why choose polyurethane floor coating?

Build care offers a wide range of Polyurethane Floor Coating Services as per the demands of our valued clients. Polyurethane floor coating is a great solution to protect your floor from stains, oils or any damage. It not only provide clean and gentle look to your floor, but also provides a protection. It is pretty easy to clean and also light reflective.

These services are well suited for industries such as automobile, pharmaceuticals and engineering related as well as in automobile showrooms and workshops. We ensure that the material we use to offer these services, protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation. This type of coating also reduces the amount of lighting required in a plant. We deliver quality services and excellent results by the

usage of latest technologies and successful waterproofing methods for our customers.

Build care water proofing solutions provides guaranteed water resisting services as well with the help of high-quality waterproofing materials and products to achieve better results for our customers.

Application areas

  • Automobile industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Automobile show room & workshops
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Food processing industries
  • Health care center
  • Chemical industries
  • Fertilizer industries
  • IT industries
  • Electronic industries