We have skilled professionals for carrying out pressure grouting in sunken areas like underground water tank and sunken basement area. Pressure grouting is the only measure to stop running water due to negative pressure in concrete. Build care provide a complete solution for this as we are highly experienced pressure grouting contractors.

What is Pressure Grouting?

Pressure grouting is a process that is used for raising sunken or deformed foundations by the use of hydraulic pressure, and then filling in the void with concrete grout. Pressure grouting is normally used for large voids beneath the foundation surface. It is often referred to simply as Grouting. The grout can be of many types – cemented, resinous, or even solution of a chemical mixture.

Although very specialized, pressure grouting is an essential construction procedure that is practiced by specialist contractors and engineers around the world. We at Build Care Waterproofing provide world-class pressure grouting contractors.

Core filling the pipes

Pressure Grouting Contractors – Procedure

  • The initial step in pressure grouting is to determine the locations of the desired holes to be drilled that will best stabilize the foundation.
  • Once the desired location for the holes has been determined, the drilling is done.
  • Concrete grout is then pumped into the holes at high pressure until the concrete comes into contact with the existing foundation.
  • While the concrete is pumped into the drilled holes, the hydraulic lifts maintain an even surface.
  • As soon as the void beneath the foundation surface has been filled properly, the holes are refilled.

Pressure Grouting: When to be Used?

The greatest use of pressure grouting is to improve geo- materials like soil and rock. The purpose of grouting is to stabilize a large surface area prone to seepage due to negative pressure where water level is above the basement or sunk tanks. Also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures. Pressure grouting can be also used for filling the roof cracks or sunken slab.

Since first usage of grouting in the 19th century, it was performed on the foundation of world’s large dams, in order to reduce the amount of leakage through the rock, and sometimes to strengthen the foundation to support the weight of the overlying structure, which can be of concrete, earth, or rock fill.