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Build care waterproofing products are leading waterproofing solution contractors, and experts in Cochin, Kerala. We have highly efficient and dedicated technicians to care for your building. We deliver quality services and by usage of latest technologies and successful waterproofing methods for our Customers. Before doing our works we clearly study about your problems and give a perfect solution for it. This is the reason why our clients completely satisfied with our products and services.
Overall we have solutions for all types of water leakage problems. Whether you  have an old  roof or new roof or even a fancy type roof. We will provide a good service for you. We follow latest waterproofing methods with high quality products. Before starting waterproofing treatment and we will check the cause of water leakage and solve the leakage problem permanently. We have highly dedicated and qualified technicians to provide a better result for you.

Basement Water Leakage

Basement waterproofing solutions are to prevent the entire water from external pressure. Build Care waterproofing prevents your buildings from all water leakage problems. provide complete solutions for waterproofing and prevents all basement water leakage problems. Water leakage problems are mainly seen in wet place of the building it caused by external  pressure.

Build care has expertise engineers, they check out the ground water level of building and decide what kind of waterproofing method is good. If you have not solved the water damages caused to your basements, structural damages are to your building foundation. The structural damages of your building basement will definitely affect the existence of your building. We have done a good work for our customers and make there buildings  strong.

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