What is an Expansion Joint?

Expansion Joints is an assembly that is designed to safely absorb the expansion and contraction of construction materials affected by heat. It holds building parts together. As we all know, most of the building is decorated and modified using some risky materials. So, in order to absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of construction materials due to the temperature variation, Here it shows the importance of Expansion Joints in architectural structures.

For example, the expansion of building material in hot weather and their contraction when it is cold. Thermal stress varies according to the thermal condition. Large temperature variation causes high stress on buildings and this must be considered during the construction.

Expansion Joints in Architectural Structures

Expansion joints can effectively manage the variations and control the vibration, then hold the construction materials together and allow material movements due to earthquakes. They are used to fill gaps between structures at a suitable distance. Expansion joints also used for fire separation, isolate dissimilar building, and manage the irregularities in the building. This is implemented not only in buildings but also in sidewalks, bridges, and railway tracks, etc.

Expansion joints can be used in various forms of building in various places such as floor, ceiling, roof, etc. And can be placed in roof-to-roof, floor-to-floor, and floor-to-wall, etc. It can act as more than one joint at a time. Since it can move it is also known as a movement joint. Along with controlling the expansion and contraction, movement joints can prevent the cracking of floor and cement structure.

Some Applications of Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joint

These are flexible connectors that are manufactured from natural synthetics to provide stress relief in the piping system due to hot environmental conditions. There are three methods to manufacture rubber expansion joints.

Floor Joints

Floor Expansion joints

Floor joints are to be selected with almost care and hygiene. It must persist loading roll capacity and neatness.

Wall and ceiling Joints

Wall and Ceiling Expansion Joints

there are several options from panel type joints to stainless steel covers. So, there are many options to choose from according to your need and reduce the damage.

Exterior Joints

Exterior Expansion Joints

Exterior wall joints must be durable. Because it wants to withstand all climatic conditions. And the joints can be affected by shrinkage and heat. Different choices are available for exterior expansion joints.

Parking and stadium Joints

Parking and Stadium Expansion Joints

The parking garage needs nice and perfect joints for the floor and ceiling. It is a multilevel building so it needs joint covers that the cars do not slip.

Compression seals Joints

Compression Seals Expansion Joint

Compression joints are perfect for joints that deals with movements. They have to be fitted in a place with waterproof sealing so that it is vital that you make use of quality compression seals.

Expansion joints are required in a variety of areas for both comfort and security. It must be strong enough to hold weight, balance temperature variations, resistance to aggressive substances, and always good appealing for us. So expansion joints have more importance in an Architectural structure.

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