The primary function of a home is to provide a secure and protected dwelling for its occupants. This purpose is defeated without proper waterproofing, and the home is not a safe haven to return to. Importance of waterproofing is very crucial in construction of a home. It is essential to focus on five key areas that require adequate waterproofing and a strong and sturdy foundation.

The roof

Your home’s terrace or roof is always exposed to the elements, which can cause leakage if it’s not waterproofed. Traditional methods like brickbat coba or mud phuska can create cracks and seepage due to their rigidity and inability to adjust to temperature changes. It’s better to use Build Care’s waterproofing solutions to protect the roof and open terrace areas. We provide the best roof and terrace waterproofing service in Kochi.

Water tank waterproofing

If you have a water tank on your roof, it’s important to ensure it’s completely waterproof. This will prevent water from weakening the concrete and protect your home from leakage. To waterproof the inside of the tank, consider using either an acrylic cementitious waterproof coating or a 2-component epoxy waterproof coating.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are prone to moisture and can cause damage to walls if tiling is not done carefully. This can result in unsightly flaking paint and pose safety risks due to dampness. Our Bathseal products ensure leak-free waterproofing for your bathroom, providing aesthetic and safety benefits.

water leakage in bathroom

External walls

Harsh weather conditions like rain and sunlight often affect the walls on the outside, including the terrace. Importance of waterproofing is very crucial, if not waterproofed correctly then water can penetrate and harm the inside walls. For better protection and a more attractive appearance, consider using an all-in-one solution like build-care waterproofing instead of just repainting. This product offers complete waterproofing.

Internal walls

If water is seeping into your home, you may notice damp patches on the internal walls, which can signify water ingress. It’s important to address this issue promptly, as leaving it untreated can cause harm and damage to your home’s walls.

water leakage in internal walls

Build-care waterproofing products can help with mild to severe dampness in internal walls. When building a new home, be sure to use quality products for each area, and consider ground surface treatment to direct surface water away from the building. Waterproofing can bring peace of mind and help you enjoy a stress-free life in your happy home.