Why Terrace Waterproofing is Important?

Terrace Waterproofing is important because, terrace or roof is an important segment in a building. And it is exposed to the direct environmental conditions and climatic variations such as direct sunrise, rainfall,etc. So, effort should be taken at the time of design to ensure that a proper protection system is implemented. The economic solution is not always favorable for the protection of the building. So, ignoring the economic burden you should make sure the protection of your property by implementing Terrace Waterproofing.

roof waterproofing

Need of Terrace Waterproofing?

A building or a structure needs Terrace Waterproofing because concrete itself is not water-resistant. Majority of the flat roof today is constructed with reinforced concrete or cement. It has pores or capillary tracts to allows the inflow of water. These method and material avoid all the problems except the problem of water penetration. So, you should find some other effective methods like Waterproofing, in order to resist the water penetration.

Conventional Method of Terrace Waterproofing

The commonly adopted solution for Terrace Waterproofing is done with an ordinary concrete terrace slab without using any mixtures. It lacks the work-ability that required to place with the reinforced concrete. So, this method has many limitations.

conventional method for water proofing
Traditional Method for Terrace Waterproofing

Sometimes an integral compound is used with the concrete to avoid the penetration of the water. But mostly they’re not used sufficiently and completely. Lime terracing is the method used for two purposes. One is to avoid the heat on the terrace surface and the other is for waterproofing.

Problems of the conventional methods

After some year’s cracks are formed in the lime terracing. So, water penetrates into these cracks to the slab below it. Due to the shrinking process of mortar the lots of cracks formed in the parapet. Rainwater sweeps into the wall through these cracks and finally to the bricks.

Due to the improper compaction of the concrete, the slab is full of void and honeycomb. So once the water reaches the slab, water eases in and it causes damage to the entire structure.

App Bitumen Membrane Sheet

 App Bitumen Membrane

APP Bitumen Membrane waterproofing methods are designed to protect commercial and residential buildings, bituminous roofing is suitable for all kinds of buildings. Bitumen is a mixture made up of organic liquids having highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof properties, this is the specialty of Bitumen.  These properties are suitable for roofing material. So Bitumen can be used to construct roofing sheets of higher quality. APP Bitumen Membrane sheets are rich in bitumen. They have high water-resistant and heat resistant properties. And also it has an excellent expansion property and it shows high stability in varying temperatures. APP Bitumen Membrane sheets are convenient for all types of buildings.

App Bitumen Membrane Sheet for Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing can done by using APP Bitumen sheets that have high anti-aging property and it has anti-alkaline property too. It is resistant to high temperatures and water. It has high tensile strength so it shows high elongation capacity, which adapts to the contraction or crack of the base. APP Bitumen membrane sheets are dry, strong, smooth, brittle, tensile and it has a beautiful clean base too. Terrace Waterproofing using App Bitumen can survive in any atmospheric conditions since it has higher resistance towards water and heat, which is the main advantage of APP Bitumen sheets.

App Bitumen membrane for waterproofing of terrace.

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