Epoxy floor coating helps your floor to look more glossy and attractive. It is suitable for all climatic conditions. Epoxy Floor coating has high durability and it is very cost-effective. Build care waterproofing solutions Cochin is the best option for floor coating.

Build Care has highly efficient and dedicated technicians to conduct waterproofing solutions for your building. In addition, we deliver quality services and excellent results by the usage of the latest technologies and successful waterproofing methods for our Customers. Above all Build care waterproofing solutions provides guaranteed water-resisting services by usage of high-quality waterproofing materials and products to achieve better results for our customers.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Workspace

Why do people use the epoxy floor coating, while the concrete floor is doing its job in a good way? Concrete floors are an excellent option for commercial and residential building applications. But the main problem with the concrete floor is its bad appearance. The surface is rough and irregular and consist of large and small porous. These problems are does not affect areas where customers or people are interacting. But in places like people will interact it is really bad to see. The porous concrete is filled with water while raining and in a dry climate, concrete is broken down into several pieces. Consequently you have to choose some other options to make this concrete area visibly good for looking and beautiful. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to put an epoxy floor coating on it. However why should you use epoxy floor coating over concrete as follows.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Price
  • Environmentally friendly


In the matter of durability, we all know that concrete doing a greater job. Still, it has its own weakness. Epoxy makes this weakness a strong point by coating over concrete. It makes the floor practically invisible by the way you like. Firstly, this coating seals the concrete area and acts as a beautiful flooring. In addition it is very easy to clean the surface. Even chemicals won’t harm the floor. Above all heavy tools do not destroy the structure of the epoxy. Build care waterproofing solutions provide highly durable products to customers at a reasonable price.


Epoxy is available in various colours. The surface looks smooth like glass and giving a polished beautiful look for the area. If you want you can create any kind of design on your floor. You can create a large aquatic world on your floor or thick forest, etc. this depends on your hard work and creativity.

Easy maintenance of Coated Floors

It is very easy to clean the surface. Simply sweeping is enough to clear the floor. Immediate cleaning after applying epoxy is effective for a good experience. Depending on the quality of the epoxy the looks and shades are different.

Slip resistant Basements

We feel that epoxy is very slippery. but it is not really like that. Most of the epoxy comes with an anti-slippery agent that prevents slippery on the floor.


Above all other advantages, the price of the epoxy is great. It is surprisingly inexpensive. The price varies with the type of adhesive you used with it. And the pattern of colours will also affect the price.

Environmentally friendly

Epoxy is perfectly suitable for our environment. It is purely environmentally friendly. In the initial stage, epoxy has little smell that may be not comfortable for everyone. But once it is used, the hard surface has not produced by smell. Before starting our waterproofing treatments build care waterproofing solutions specialist engineers will check out be building and thoroughly inspect the water leakage causes. So our technical team can identify the cause of the leak and decide the method and material to solve the problem completely.